Book review – Fable by Adrienne young

Rating -4/5

Here for the sea-faring pirate vibes, here for the grimdark waters and the storms and the sea. Fable has got to be one of the most atmospheric books I’ve ever read. If you want an adventure on the high seas, look no further.

When she was 14 years old, Fable was abandoned on Jeval, an island of thieves by her father after they lost her mother to a bad storm. He left her there to fend for herself with a promise that she will get what she was owed should she survive and manage to find her way back to him. After four years of skimping, and scrounging, of sleeping with one eye open, of dredging gems from the seafloor in hopes of making enough money to find the passage back to her father. Things take a turn for the bad and Fable barely manages to escape the island aboard the Marigold with a small but young crew led by a young captain named West. Everything is not as it seems though and Fable senses that there are secrets here to unfold as she tries to prove her worth and be a part of this tight crew.

I loved Fable, what an absolute badass! I loved her courage and her always get back up attitude, a total trooper. And I fell in love with the Marigold crew. This book had one of my all-time favourite tropes- ‘the found family, so there was no chance I wouldn’t love this book. Though I could have done with a little more character development for West, I need to know more, but to be fair, I think they are setting that up for the next novel. What I loved the most was the book’s vibe.  It was dark and gritty, there was always a sense of danger in the air. It’s a slow burn character-driven novel and I am here for it. It’s not that long but I still feel it could have been a little crisper, probably because I kind of got lost in the descriptions and references to shipbuilding and sailing. Fair warning, the book ended on a cruel cliffhanger, so excuse me while I ditch everything and set off across the sea with the salty wind in my hair for some swashbuckling fun with the final book – Namesake.

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