BOOK REVIEW – Good girl, bad blood by holly jackson


I did not think it possible for Holly Jackson to top ‘A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder’, but she has done it and I am in awe! This sequel had to live up to so much, if you have read my review of A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder, you know how much I loved it. It was well-plotted with nuanced characters, it was funny and gritty and dark, So it was always going to be a tough act to follow but trust me when I saw the sequel is grittier and darker with an even more fantastic plot that is fast-paced and brimming with twists. And have I said ‘Veronica Mars-vibe’ before, because it deserves repeating, this has all the ‘Veronica Mars-vibes’ in the best way ever! Holly Jackson, Kudos! You have knocked it out of the park and this just climbed the list of my favourite series.

After the events of the first book Pip starts a true crime podcast that chronicles the mystery of Andie Bell’s disappearance and Sal Singh’s murder with the help of Ravi. The podcast goes viral although Pip insists that her sleuthing days are behind her, she wants things to go back to normal because there is just too much risk involved. So apart from putting the podcast together and documenting the trial that takes place after, she is done. But when one of her closest friend’s brother goes missing and the police refuse to do anything about it,  Pip must step in and take charge.

I was left speechless when I finished the book. It was so good, I literally can’t stop gushing about it. It felt so good to be back with Pip and sweet sweet Ravi, he truly is one of the best book boyfriends ever. The mystery in this book had me hooked. It was incredibly immersive and there were some bits that I predicted  and some that I thought I did. But overall, I still couldn’t nail the plot down at the end of it all. I was left aghast and surprised. One of the best things about the book was how the events of the first book were beautifully threaded through this. We see the consequences it had and how it affected so many lives. I wasn’t lying when I wrote that the second book is much darker and grittier than the first one. It will hook you with its twists and turns, confuse you with it’s red herrings but it’s a heavier read. It will gut you in some moments and leave you reeling in others. The podcast is a really fun addition and the chapters posed as interviews with notes and maps are fun to read. 

All in all, I can’t recommend this enough, it has everything you would want, a stellar mystery, a cast of real and relatable characters, and a kick-ass female lead. Holly Jackson can just take my money in advance because there is no way I won’t be buying her next books. I can’t wait for more books with these characters. 

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