Book Review – A good girl’s guide to murder by Holly Jackson – 5/5

In a small town, high school girl Andie goes missing and they never find her. Her ex-boyfriend (Sal Singh) is found dead just a few days later leaving proof that he did it and took his own life. The police close the case, and declare Sal as the murderer and Andie dead and the whole town believes it. 5 years later, Pippa Fitz Amobi, an intelligent and smart student who wants to pursue Journalism chooses this case as her homework because she never truly believed that Sal could do this and sets about trying to figure out what really happened 5 years ago.

Now that you know the premise, I can gush about this book. I absolutely loved it, it was a 5-star read for me. This was a sharper, more modern and inclusive Nancy Drew. This was the very best of Veronica Mars and you guys I am a thru and thru Marshmallow so I was bound to love this book. Andie was like Lilly Kane from Veronica Mars meets Laura Palmer from Twin Peaks. All you True Crime lovers – this is a must read for you.  The book will hook you from page one with its sharp writing and pace. I literally couldn’t put it down and finished it in two sittings. I figured out the murderer early on but not the whole picture, there were still some bits that threw me off and came as a surprise.

The protagonist Pippa or Pip as she is known is just brilliant. She is intelligent, quick witted, smart, social, nerdy and completely lovable. You will fall in love with her family and friends, all so relatable and real. And you will love the friendship that develops between Pip and Sal’s brother Ravi. I totally ship them. So if you love a good engaging mystery with a diverse and inclusive cast that throws light on racial injustice, the importance of family and friends and a huge dollop of humour and wit then this is the book for you. Well done Holly Jackson, I cannot wait to read more.


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